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It's Winter...What Now?

Winter 2008
By Sally Pfeifer

Well, now that the Holidays are over and it’s time to settle in on cold winter days, how are we going to spend our days creatively?

Through the years I have been given garden diary planners as gifts from friends. I review them to see if I have succeeded with any of the suggested ideas. Did they apply to my garden?

Some of the ideas are too unrealistic and do not apply to my yard, due to the amount of sun required or because the amount of watering needed is too difficult to maintain. Other suggestions do work in my garden, which can cut down on maintenance, making my garden smaller while still having the plants that give the most color and design that I desire. Additionally, I can think about hiring a lawn care service for a few days of work to help me establish my garden and to help me remove large amounts of invasive weeds. Hiring a lawn care service for just a few days of work can help keep the cost down to a minimum.

After planning the garden, then I enjoy reading through the many gardening and seed catalogs I receive and I order items for spring.

January is a good time to “force“ bulbs to have some color in the home. Amaryllis, paperwhites, and tulips that weren’t planted outdoors in the fall, can be used. Amaryllis and paperwhites can be put in a dish of small stones. Use a shallow dish for paperwhites. Place small stones in a shallow dish, put enough stones so the roots can hold on; add water and wait for them to grow. Amaryllis need a taller container that can give the growth support. In order to bloom, tulips need to be dormant and cold for several weeks.  

Also, in January it’s time to protect your shrubs from ice and heavy snow damage, or possible windburn. The old fashioned way is to put up a windscreen of burlap around the shrub to help prevent dehydration. The new method is to spray with “Wilt-Pruf,” which creates a waxy coating on the stems and leaves. You may need a second application. Insulation with soil is better than mulching around trees and shrubs, due to the pests that winter over and eat away at the plants. Enjoy your catalogs!
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