Garden Tips
The Pleasure of the Garden

Spring 2009
By Sally Pfeifer

I just wanted to say a word about spring and our beautiful surroundings. Sometimes in daily life I forget to think about how special our plant world is, from the tiny microorganisms, to beautiful and fragrant flowers, to the tallest of trees. Then something I see or read about will remind me to pause and be thankful for it all, even the dreadful, hard to get rid of pricker vines.

Man is the highest evolved in the animal kingdom, crystals (including diamonds) in the mineral kingdom, and trees in the plant kingdom. Trees give us oxygen that allows us to breath. They take carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen. Trees and green plants give us our food, beautiful to look at and scents that are associated with memory. They reach every one of our five senses. Trees give forth beautiful color, wonderful fragrances and fascinating textures. They make us wonder and provide a connection to the earth.

As women, we are nurturing in nature, we take care of our families and their surroundings and that includes our gardens. May gives us a little time to think about what we are going to do this summer season. We need to plan our gardens and one topic that is at the top of everyone’s list this year is the cost. What is the budget and where the money will be best spent? Perhaps on new projects, repairs and new plantings. You may be thinking about new types of gardening, for instance going more organic.

Other things to consider when planning your garden: location and sun requirement, water availability, type of soil required, fertilizing, labor (can I do this or do I need help), time (will I have time to do this and maintain it), continuation of the season (planting after July and replacing plants), protection from animals (deer, rabbits, moles, insects). It does sound like a lot of work, but what pleasure we get from it.

Go out and enjoy it! Buy that plant you have been thinking about, maybe the one you saw in a magazine or at someone’s house.

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