Saving Natural Redding
Saving Natural Redding

Saving Natural Redding is an award-winning partnership with the Redding Garden Club and the town of Redding designed to eradicate, control or reduce invasive plants and replace them with Connecticut natives.

Since being formed in 2006, SNR has:

Replanted wildflowers and native plants in Saugautuck Falls
Worked during “cleanup days” to eradicate invasives
Sponsored intra-community invasives programs
Distributed educational material to the community
Published an invasives series in the Redding Pilot
Won the 2006 Pauline B. Tyler award from Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut
... for Excellence in Promoting Conservation

Please join us. Help Save Natural Redding by learning about invasives and what you can do to help conserve and restore Redding’s natural beauty.

What are Invasives - FAQs.
Redding's Worst Invasives
The Native Alternative – 15 of the best Native Plants for your garden
Native Plants: Perennials - Expanded List
Native Plants: Shrubs - Expanded List
New Resource: Deer Resistant Plants

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